Credit: Stella McCartney on Twitter Photo: Rihanna Goes Pants-Free For Red Nose Day

We are so undecided about Rihanna’s mix-and-match outfit that she wore today! She’s wearing a silk scarf on her head and some chic, 60s-style round sunglasses, which would normally help a super-high slit complete a classy-hot look, as if she just stepped out of a vintage, red, convertible Mustang if the dress weren’t a cotton, spaghetti-strapped number.

The newly-single (again!) Rihanna bared a whole lot of her super-muscular legs while leaving her NYC hotel. She apparently appeared to accidentally choke herself while adjusting her scarf, but laughed it off and smiled for the paps.

All of these items she’s wearing would be totally fine on their own, but her crotch-level necklaces and her super-high slit maxi dress make the outfit significantly more modern, and we can’t decide if it clashes with her look from the neck up. It’s a toss-up. Readers, what do you think? Super hot, or just really awkward?

Regardless, we bet Miley Cyrus thought the fellow singer looked sexy, since
she recently admitted that she thinks Ri Ri should have taken her #1 spot on the Maxim Hot 100 list.