Apparently, blue body paint is so in this season.

Jennifer Lawrence proves that she really does look sensational in anything  and we mean anything  in this new shot of her from the set of the upcoming film, X-Men: Days of Future Past.

The movie's director, Bryan Singer, tweeted a photo of Jen as she's getting some quick touch-ups on her body make-up, and it is surprisingly titillating.

On May 20, Bryan tweeted: 

Wow! Jennifer manages to be sexy in pretty much every movie she's in  whether it's her dance moves in Silver Linings Playbook or her smoldering scenes with Peeta and Gale in the Hunger Games series  but this look might just take the cake. Somewhere, Smurfette is totally jealous.

And we really didn't need another reason to be excited for this star-studded X-Men sequel, which includes cast members from 2011's X-Men: First Class along with returning stars from the first series, including Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, and Patrick Stewart. 

Also intriguing is the fact that the film co-stars Nicholas Hoult, who was dating Jennifer before the two split up earlier this year. Awkward!

Jennifer has been crazy-busy of late. She finished shooting The Hunger Games: Catching Fire earlier this year, which is being released in November. And earlier this month, she just wrapped her new '70s political drama American Hustle co-starring Bradley Cooper. We need a nap just thinking about her schedule.

And if this Hollywood thing doesn't work out for Jennifer, we now know she can always audition to be a member of the Blue Man Group.

Source: Twitter