From the Kardashians to Kimora Lee Simmons, there are some celebs who can sell just about anything. For Lindsay Lohan, that just isn’t the case.

According to TMZ, Lindsay’s inability to move product has her at the center of a lawsuit filed by her former clothing manufacturer. Lindsay had originally filed a suit for $1.1 million against D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries, the manufacturer of her 6126 clothing line, for failure to pay her licensing fees.

However, D.N.A.M. argues that it’s Lindsay’s fault her clothes couldn’t sell, and despite their best efforts to get 6126 — whose collection includes items like leggings with built-in knee pads — into stores, there was simply no market, thanks to Lindsay’s reputation as a party girl.

D.N.A.M. claims that Linsday’s “drug-addled image” and legal problems taking center stage “like a Greek tragedy” made the brand untouchable, and now they’re suing Lindsay for $5 million, citing breach of contract and fraud.


Who could ever imagine such timeless, elegant clothing wouldn’t sell itself?

Source: TMZ


Credit: HuffPost Live via 5min Photo: Lindsay Lohan's Adderall Will Be Allowed at Betty Ford Clinic (VIDEO)