Credit: Tumblr Photo: Beyonce Kisses Blue Ivy While on Vacation in November 2012

Although it’s still unclear if Beyoncé’s currently expecting a little brother or sister for daughter Blue Ivy Carter, one thing is certain: Baby Blue is one wealthy little 15-month-old. Sure, she’s got plenty of money from her famous parents, but she was born with plenty of earning potential on her own. How much? We turned to celebrity finance expert Jo Piazza, author of Celebrity Inc.: How Famous People Make Money, to find out!

"Blue Ivy's parents have an estimated net worth of more than $1 billion," Jo tells Wetpaint Entertainment. "So far, they haven’t chosen to sell photographs of their daughter or use her name and likeness for any kind of endorsement deals."

Should they change their minds down the road, however, Blue Ivy would be raking in the cash.

"If they wanted to, they could charge up to $5 million a year for her name and likeness," Jo estimates. "And photos of her would be an additional $1 million a  year. So right now, her earning potential is $6 million a year."

Six million a year, and she can’t even feed herself yet? Some kids have all the luck!