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On May 26, 15 new episodes of Arrested Development (aka Season 4) will premiere on Netflix.

They're going about this in a new way — each of the show's stars is getting his or her own featured episode, with smaller appearances in the other episodes. So The Hollywood Reporter said 20th Century Fox TV found a creative way to pay the cast. Here's the breakdown:

"According to multiple sources with knowledge of the deal structure, the Arrested actors all are paid using the same sliding scale. The actor 'starring' in the episode is paid $125,000. If he or she appears in more than 90 seconds of an episode (but is not the star), that actor receives $50,000. For less than 90 seconds of airtime in an episode, he or she receives $10,000. Finally, if a clip featuring the actor from a previous episode is used, that actor gets another $1,000. Bateman, for instance, stars in more than one episode."

$10K for less than a minute and a half of air time! Sign us up for that life. Honestly, we'd do the whole show for free, but it's good to see the cast members are being paid pretty well for their talent. They deserve every penny! Catch up on some of the show's best running gags in the video below. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Credit: Slackstory Photo: Her? Watch Arrested Development's Best Running Gags Before Season 4 Premiere