Credit: Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown Photo: Julie Chen and Finalists From Big Brother Season 10

Get ready, Big Brother fans!

Casting director Robyn Kass revealed on Twitter that alll submissions for season 15 of CBS's summer hit have been watched.

Given that the season is expected to feature an entirely new — and supposedly large — cast, that means that the casting directors have chosen some fresh meat for the Big Brother mansion to go at it this summer.

Imagine how great of a job it must be to get to watch the crazy submissions that devout fans send in, hoping to secure one of those fabled keys for the wildest summer ever.

If you ask me, anyone willing to get locked in a house for 3 months carries a certain level of crazy with them, no matter how normal they may seem.

Robyn tweeted this:

First of all, let's take a second to applaud Robyn's handle, @Kassting. Everyone loves a pun.

But what is this waiting game she is talking of? Is it the contestants agreeing to be on this season? Is it just the long wait until the premiere next month? Tell us, Robyn!

Stay tuned for when the official cast is revealed, which will probably be sometime early next month.

Source: Robyn Kass on Twitter

Credit: YouTube Photo: Big Brother 15 Promo