Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: Hunger Games Stars Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, and Josh Hutcherson

OK, fess up. Which member of Team Gale leaked this rumor?

Star magazine has a new story saying Liam Hemsworth was "caught canoodling" at the Cannes Film Festival with his co-star from The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence.

"Jennifer is really Liam’s ideal woman," someone apparently said, "while Miley [Cyrus] has turned into a train wreck and her hard partying is a turnoff. Liam believes that he and Jennifer are much better suited. They’ve been getting close-and the sparks are flying!”

Sure, sure. RumorFix talked to Jen's rep, who said the rumor is "not true." Meanwhile, Life & Style has a story claiming Liam and Miley still live together but sleep in separate bedrooms, with the relationship basically over but they don’t want to announce it. However, Us Weekly also has a new story saying Liam and Miley were kissing each other at her house party back on May 10. It’s kind of sad that a story about a couple kissing two weeks ago is being used as evidence that they are still engaged, but it’s still better than a story about Liam already looking to move on with JLaw. Team Peeta will not be pleased!

Sources: RumorFix, Us Weekly