On May 22, Selena Gomez had to cancel a Twitter chat with UK fans due to illness. But the next night she was apparently back to her usual self, and spent the night hanging out with Justin Bieber's buddy (and "Never Say Never" co-singer) Jaden Smith.

Selena, 20, had dinner with Jaden, 14, and his father Will Smith at Hakkasan Restaurant in London. (
Check out photos of the group here.)

After dinner, Selena went with the Smiths to Boujis nightclub to watch Will's son Trey DJ. However, the Daily Mail says Jaden was refused entry to the nightclub because he’s underage.

Question: Is it weird for a 20-year-old girl to be hanging out with a 14-year-old boy, even just as friends? Is it a sign that Selena and Justin are still very close, even if not officially back together, since Jaden is one of Justin’s closest friends?

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