Credit: Steven Hirsch / Splash News Photo: Amanda Bynes in Court, May 24, 2013

Sources close to Amanda Bynes’ current situation are saying that the troubled actress is actually not a candidate for involuntary psychiatric hold, meaning she cannot be picked up against her will and held for mental evaluation.

She’s going to have to be way crazier for that to happen.

Sources say the former Nickelodeon star has yet to be diagnosed with any mental illness, but that her parents fear she may be bipolar or schizophrenic. But that remain unknown because Amanda has yet to submit herself to psychiatric testing of her own free will. TMZ says they are told that her parents would like to create an involuntary conservatorship, similar to what happened back when Britney Spears went cray-cray a few years back.

The problem: Amanda’s actions may appear to be crazy, but they aren’t so over the line that a judge would take away her freedom.

The involuntary psychiatric hold, also termed a 5150, is also a no-go for now. That would allow authorities to put Amanda in a mental facility, against her will, for up to 72 hours for mental evaluation.

Apparently when Amanda was taken to a hospital after her Thursday night arrest, shrinks didn’t think involuntary hold was arrested.

Look back at Friday’s court hearings and see how attentive and sharp Amanda is in front of the judge — she really seems to be aware of what is going on.

Hmmm, is Amanda really crazy or is she just acting out?

Source: TMZ

Credit: NY Daily News via AOL On Photo: Watch Amanda Bynes Get Arrested For Weed Possession (VIDEO)