Ariel Winter plays the brunette Alex Dunphy on Modern Family, and a few months ago she dyed her hair red. Now she's a blond.

(Maybe she was inspired by co-star Sofia Vergara?)

Credit: Instagram Photo: Modern Family's Ariel Winter goes back to blonde

Ariel showed off her new/old hair color in an Instagram photo (shown at left), writing, "Back to blonde #fridaychange #blondie #imnaturallyblonde #nicetobeback #whatdoyouthink #selfie #blondeselfie #weekend #hairchange #hair."

Did you know she was naturally blond? And did you know she had such love for hashtags?

JustJared has a photo of 15-year-old Ariel on May 26 at the Farmer’s Market in Studio City, Calif. In the pic, she's not only blond, she's wearing sunshine yellow. Looks like someone is really ready for summer!

What do you think of her blond hair? She always looks good, but do you think she looks best as a brunette, redhead, or blond? Compare pics below.

Sources: JustJared, Instagram

Credit: Instagram Photo: Ariel Winter dyes her hair red