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Does Amanda Bynes want to be the girl with the most cake?

There are certain celebrities who aren't exactly known for giving life advice, and one of those, Courtney Love, is reaching out to Amanda Bynes.

On May 27, Courtney Love  who has seen her fair share of ups and downs herself  tweeted:

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You'd think Courtney would have a bit more empathy, but apparently not.

It's hard to know whether Courtney is legitimately concerned for Amanda's well-being, or if she's just calling her out. So do you think Court should mind her own business, or do you think this type of tweet could be the wake-up call Amanda needs?

Meanwhile, in what has become Amanda's go-to move  meaning, calling her detractors "ugly" on Twitter  Amanda promptly retorted with: 

Yikes. You'd think that Courtney and Amanda would be in each other's corners given that both had gotten headlines for negative reasons. So much for that.

And some celebs are finding it ironic that the Hole singer — who has spent time in rehab for drug addiction  is admonishing Amanda for less-than-exemplary behavior. In a tweet that Amanda herself later retweeted, Community star Joel McHale wrote:  

Wow. Where's the love for Love?

Source: Twitter