Whenever you find yourself envying celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, remember some of their more … ardent fans.

In the case of JLaw, it’s even worse to be the sibling of a celeb. According to Gossip Cop, a 23-year-old Vancouver man named Han Cong Zhao was arrested after trying to contact Jen through her brother, Blaine Lawrence; Zhao was held for psychiatric evaluation, then charged with interstate stalking and repeated harassing phone communications.

Zhao reportedly referred to himself as Jennifer’s “husband for life” (always a bad sign), and started contacting her brother in April through phone calls and text messages. He demanded to be put in contact with Jen, even flying to Louisville, Kentucky on April 18 to track down Blaine to force the bro to stop ignoring him. Zhao reportedly told Blaine, “Either I find out, or you come and see me, okay? You got me really upset. When I’m, when I’m upset, let’s see what happens, alright?”

Continuing a trend of bad decisions, Gossip Cop says Zhao took a cab to a local police station in suburban Louisville and asked for the home address of Jennifer’s mother. Yeah. So law enforcement officials detained him for a three-hour interview, during which Zhao reportedly called himself the second coming of Jesus Christ.

This is the world we live in! This sad guy was hospitalized and charged; hopefully he can eventually find a happy mental place away from Jen, her poor brother, and anyone else who really doesn’t want to be stalked.

Source: Gossip Cop