Update (June 30, 2014):

More than a year after we first heard of Amanda's troubles in NYC, the whole issue's been cleared up for good. TMZ reports all charges tied to that whole "bong-throwing" incident have been dropped against the actress. That's some good news to start your week with, girl! 

Original story (May 29, 2013):

Could Amanda Bynes be telling the truth? (Mind = blown!)

A New York Police Department official told TMZ the police report shows no mention of marijuana being recovered at Amanda's apartment, despite her charges of marijuana possession. They also say — even though cops claim they saw Amanda throw "drug paraphernalia" out the window and smelled "a strong odor of marijuana" — no one seems to know what happened with the alleged bong. Some glass shards were found on a sub-roof but there's no evidence of what was thrown. So it's going to be hard to prove her evidence tampering and reckless endangerment charges, too.

Maybe this is why Amanda feels so free to tweet whatever pops into her head — her lawyer may indeed have a strong case to beat these charges. It doesn't mean she's not a little over-the-edge — and it doesn't mean all her tweets about being allergic to alcohol and drugs should be taken as gospel truth — but you can't convict without evidence and, based on this TMZ intel from the NYPD, it sounds like there may not be enough hard evidence. But that may also be the case with her sexual harassment charges, which the NYPD already shut down.

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Credit: NDN Photo: Amanda Bynes's New York City Marijuana Charges Dropped (VIDEO)