Girls may be a runaway hit, but that doesn’t mean its stars have unlimited funds for their side projects just yet.

Case in point: Zosia Mamet and her hefty request for $32,000 from total strangers.

Zosia, who plays naive college student Shoshanna on the HBO hit, and her sister, Clara, have started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a music video for their folk act, The Cabin Sisters.

According to The Huffington Post, the Mamet sisters are looking to raise funds to film the video for their song, “Bleak Love,” described on their Kickstarter page as, “Our chance to realize through the visual artistry of some very talented people the universal feeling of un-requited love. Visually the video will bounce from opulence to sparseness, French Baroque to a simple, timeless and heartbroken. We are hoping to capture something everyone has felt at some point in their lives.”

Lena Dunham, who created, and stars in, Girls alongside Zosia, sent out some love for her co-star’s Kickstarter via Twitter, noting that she had used crowdfunding for her movie, Tiny Furniture.

"We did a spot of crowd sourcing for Tiny Furniture festival dues — there are still people I want to avoid because I forgot to send out prizes,” she wrote.

The Cabin Sisters’ Kickstarter campaign, which ends on Sunday, June 9, has $1,515 pledged as of Thursday morning.

Source: Huffington Post

Credit: Team Coco Photo: Zosia Mamet Compares Girls to Reality of Dating in Your 20s (VIDEO)