Yeah, that purity ring is long gone.

Nick Jonas, 20, is now shooting his first leading role as a movie star. His sexy thriller, called Careful What You Wish For, is filming in Charlotte, N.C.

NBC Charlotte talked to Nick on the set. His role is as a young man who has an affair with his married neighbor, played by Isabel Lucas, 28. She and Nick had just shot a very intimate scene when the TV team arrived on set. "It's definitely a different role than anything I've ever done before, one of those things I really wanted to challenge myself," Nick said.

Producer Michael Helfant said of Nick, "He's a young man in this movie. He's no longer that young kid from the Disney shows, and he’s every bit a man in this movie."

Nick knows some of his longtime fans will be surprised by the new role, but that's kind of the point. "It doesn’t make me nervous, I think it’s important for me to take steps and continue to grow as an actor and push myself in this way. I think, for the audience, they have to be prepared to come see a movie that’s pretty intense." However, he cautioned, "The whole movie is not sex. It’s a part of the movie. The story overall is an exciting one, and one I think people will be taken by."

Check out more of his interview here. Are you excited to see this movie, whenever it's released?