What would Tyra Banks do in this situation?

Two young women ran on stage during the finale of Germany's Next Top Model, baring their boobs with things like "Heidi Horror Picture Show" written on their torsos. They got right up in host Heidi Klum's face, but she must be used to better/worse 'cause she reportedly wasn't fazed by the interruption.

The women were escorted out — the security guys got an armful dragging them out, as you can see in one of
TMZ’s photos — and it's still unclear what they were upset about.

You could call this a successful protest for getting attention, but it doesn't mean much if your message isn't clear. Next time they should consider writing more words on their arms or backs or something. Or just carry a sign. Maybe the story wouldn't get as much traction if they kept their clothes on, but we might understand the meaning.

Source: TMZ

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