Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: Weston Cage and Nicole Wiliams in Happier Times

Weston Cage (son of Nicolas Cage) and wife Nikki Williams are officailly divorced. The part you didn't see coming, though: she's keeping the wedding ring — despite promising to pawn it off.

22-year-old Weston filed for divorce back in 2011, which isn't really surprising considering he and Nikki were both arrested for domestic violence against each other after they tied the knot earlier that year — following a two-week engagement.

Now the divorce is final, but 24-year-old Nikki gets to keep her wedding ring, along with the rights to her entire song catalog, including a track entitled "Pawn My Wedding Ring."

The song was written last year, after Weston filed for the divorce, and it goes, "It started perfect, you were a different person / But you changed on me after the honeymoon was done." The song continues, "And because it's not worth anything / I'm about to pawn my wedding ring / Get rid of everything that was right or wrong." 

Weston gets to keep his musical equipment, bank account, and songs including hits like "Vampire Sentiment" and "Heathen Sanctuary."

Where did this couple go wrong?

Source: TMZ

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