Credit: @AmandaBynes

Reading Amanda Bynes's Twitter feed is starting to be a drag.

The troubled actress has inexplicably called out RuPaul for being "ugly," even though we all know RuPaul is the most fab person ever.

The comment was meant to address her own new nose job and to diss her father, whom she hasn't been getting along with.

On June 2, Amanda tweeted: 

Wow. Clearly, RuPaul is not the first celeb to be called "ugly" on Twitter by Amanda, as that is basically her go-to move for anyone who has anything less-than-flattering to say about her.

Still, it seems completely uncalled-for to go after the RuPaul's Drag Race star, who hadn't done anything to Amanda.

RuPaul then took to Twitter to respond, and we love what he had to say. 

Way to stay classy but still make a pointed retort, RuPaul!

So which celebrity will Amanda refer to as "ugly" next? We shouldn't have to wait long to find out.

Source: Twitter, Twitter