Credit: Twitter

Kelis' milkshake may have once brought all the boys to the yard, but apparently she wasn't charging quite enough to teach people about it, because she's in a massive amount of debt to Uncle Sam. 

According to TMZ, the singer (and ex-wife of rapper Nas) owes a cool $741,027.59 to the IRS for unpaid New York State taxes from 2004 and 2010, 2 years of taxes in California, and the penalties and interest that go along with making a ton of money and refusing to fork it over to pave roads, build schools, and pay cops.

While Kelis hasn't been a major player since her days of whipping up dairy desserts, she does have some cash coming in from the recent $2.2 million sale of her NYC condo, and also cleaned up in her divorce settlement, scoring nearly $300,000 in spousal support, in addition to legal fees, accounting expenses, and $50K in back child support, so she may not need to write the remix to "Milkshake" after all.

"Kale juice" just doesn't have a poppy ring to it, anyway. 

Source: TMZ