Yesterday, Playboy Radio offered Amanda a guest-hosting gig, but it seems like they've fallen more in love with her! A rep for the station tells TMZ that they've offered the troubled ex-child actress a daily, hour-long show for a one-week trial — but if that goes well, the slot could be hers for a full year.

Other benefits for the position, besides a daily podium? A dedicated producer, and her own driver to take her to the studio. We're guessing they want to make logistics as easy as possible for Amanda, so they can get all of that winning personality.

Amanda hasn't gotten back to TMZ about whether or not she'll take the offer.

TMZ is also quick to point out the potential similarity to Amanda's crazy parody advice sketches from her All That days, Ask Ashley. Given her track record on Twitter, we're guessing she'll be just as abusive when talking to real people. Watch a clip of baby Amanda dispensing some tough love below!

Of course, on the radio, she won't be able to smack us through the TV screen. But we'll take what we can get.