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Update: He's totally following her now. Whew! The universe breaths a collective sigh of relief.

Liam Hemsworth has a Twitter now! He's starting out slow, tweeting about — what else? — having a Twitter account:

The (maybe?) beau of Twitter Queen Miley Cyrus has finally followed his lady's example! 

So who is he following so far? @Twitter (yawn!), @TwitterMovies (YAWN!), @TheHungerGames (DUH), @RobLuketic (the director for his upcoming film, Paranoia) and @ParanoiaMovie (said upcoming film). Who's missing?! Miley is on Twitter ALL THE TIME, but he's not following her!

The couple is reportedly "doing better," though, so maybe it just slipped his mind, or he hasn't gotten around to it yet. Who knows?

His four-hour-old account is already verified and already has over 27,000 followers — that's a lot of people to thank! Nobody should be surprised he has so many followers already, though. He is, after all, the second gorgeous man on Earth, according to Other Twitter Queen Amanda Bynes.

Are you going to go follow Liam on Twitter?