Credit: Courtesy of Relativity Media ©2012 Paranoia Acquisitions LLC via Photo: Liam Hemsworth Shirtless in Film Paranoia

Scandalous! It turns out that Amanda Bynes's tweet about Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth being the second most gorgeous man on earth had a little precedent. It turns out the two know each other, perhaps very well; the pair was spotted cuddling up in the Hollywood club Trousdale... in 2009.

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Yes, it's pretty old news, but it's a weird news story worth a revisit! E! spotted the pair together in May of 2009, but at the time, nobody knew who Liam was! The headline was even "Amanda Bynes: Who's the New Mystery Man?"

In a second photo, Liam is spotted snapping a picture of Amanda. It seems like they were having a good time, but it also seems like they never actually dated.

That mystery man, obviously, has been upgraded to superstar status, even causing a riot in Cannes with his hot, hot bod. He's now kinda-sorta engaged or maybe just dating a different ex-child star who loves Twitter: Miley Cyrus!

Of course, Liam's on Twitter himself now, so maybe Amanda can start tagging Liam in her adoring tweets... and when she eventually starts calling him "ugly."

We would, of course, never call that man ugly. Look at how sexy he is in the trailer for Paranoia! Maybe his chest will turn out to be Amanda insult-proof.

Credit: movieclipsTRAILERS Photo: Watch Shirtless Liam Hemsworth in Sexy Paranoia Trailer (VIDEO)

For what it's worth, Miley says that she and Liam are "doing better."

What if Liam and Amanda had started dating? How different would everything be now?