Looks like there’s trouble in paradise between America’s Got Talent judge Heidi Klum and her bodyguard-turned-boyfriend Martin Kristen. Although the pair play loving partners by day, things took an ugly turn the evening of June 9.

We’re told Heidi and Martin were dining at NYC restaurant Spotted Pig around 9:00 pm with another male friend when relations between the couple turned sour.

“They started arguing,” an eyewitness tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “Things became heated very quickly.” After about an hour of bitter back and forth, Heidi took off by herself.

“Stumbling, she left the restaurant and walked a block by herself,” the witness continued. “She was trying to hail a cab but did not succeed.” Eventually, the witness says Heidi made her way back to the restaurant but would only stand in the doorway and would not rejoin Martin at the table.

“Eventually, he came down to see her,” the witness continued. “And then opted to leave on his own. He did manage to get a cab. Heidi, meanwhile, went back inside.”

After Martin left, Heidi seemed to relax. Although a car service arrived for her, she had the driver park, insisting she wasn’t ready to leave just yet. An hour later, she exited the restaurant quietly.

Hey, every couple fights on occasion, right? We’re just hoping these two work it out!