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Ed Sheeran should probably just stick to his day job.

The Grammy-nominated singer did his best Ryan Gosling impression as he read a scene from beloved 2004 romance The Notebook — while former 'N Sync-er Lance Bass read Rachel McAdams's part.

Lance Bass at least has a few acting credits to his name — anyone else remember On the Line? — but Ed has only churned out soulful hit song after soulful hit with few opportunities to hone his dramatic chops.

Still, the 22-year-old Brit was a good sport as Miami's Y100 radio station had the two participate in a mock Notebook audition, using that pivotal scene from the movie when Noah wins back Allie. Even more hilariously, Lance mouths along to the Noah lines, implying that he's intimately familiar with the source material.

Check out the romantic scene in the video below!

Source: YouTube