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The dream of the '90s is still alive, as IFC has just renewed sketch comedy series Portlandia for two more seasons, according to Deadline.

The two new seasons of the quirky show will each consist of ten episodes. Season 4 will premiere in early 2014, and we can expect Season 5 in early 2015.

“Portlandia has celebrated sustainable local agriculture, underemployment, avian crafting, gender politics, intense bicycle messengers, and so much more,” says IFC’s president. “We can now celebrate two more seasons.”

The series debuted in January 2011 and stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, who tweak the prototypical Portland lifestyle.

Fred will have plenty of time to devote to the show, as he bid farewell to Saturday Night Live last month.

We're completely excited about this news! And to celebrate, we feel like getting something pickled. 

Source: Deadline