As if we haven't been sobbing enough about the Kristen Stewart-Robert Pattinson break-up, here's yet more fodder for another good cry.

We've known that Kristen has been in a state of mourning for the relationship, but Rob is not taking the split well either, according to Star.

He is “still on the rebound from Kristen and is very depressed,” a source says.

Gah! So if they both are still crushed about their parting of ways, why don't they figure out a way to make it work? Heck, can't they at least patch things up for our sakes?

However, we're a little curious what the source means by on the "rebound."

After all, rumors have swirled about Rob spending an awful lot of time with Katy Perry lately. But you would have to think that, if Rob and Katy were now an item, he probably wouldn't be all that depressed. So it sounds like Rob is still single.

And now, if you'll excuse, we'll be sitting at our homemade Kristen-Rob shrine and doing whatever we can to get them to reunite. Join us in lighting a candle for them, won't you?

Source: Star via Hollywood Life