Pink's husband, Carey Hart, is one protective papa.

The retired motocross racer got and a friend got into an argument with a paparazzo who tried to snap his daughter's picture and things quickly escalated.

The shutterbug allegedly tried to take a photo of Pink changing their daughter, Willow, outside a Malibu shopping center, which angered Carey and his friend, inciting a brawl.

In a video posted on TMZ, Carey's friend steps on the paparazzo's foot and kicks his camera off a table.

The photographer, who ran up to the cameraman capturing the event on video following the alleged attack, also claimed he was hit in the groin.

"Carey's a punk-ass bitch," yelled the photographer as Carey and his unnamed buddy were trying to get into their car.

"This guy, right here, kneed me in the balls and the sheriffs didn't do nothing… The Malibu PD isn't going to do nothing about it, because celebrities get special treatment in Malibu."

Source: TMZ