Rachel Uchitel, better known as one of Tiger Woods' countless mistresses, is finding out through personal experience just how hard it can be to end a marriage — and for once, the marriage she's ending is her own.

The former Celebrity Rehab patient is fighting back against her husband, Matt Hahn, who claimed he was divorcing Rachel on the grounds of "cruel and inhumane treatment." 

TMZ reports that Rachel didn't want details of her divorce to go public, but after Matt's bold claims, she felt the need to defend herself.

Rachel's rep said his client will, "vigorously defend herself against Matt Hahn's false and defamatory claim of 'cruel and inhumane treatment.'"

In addition to dragging her already Tiger-mauled name through the mud, Matt is asking for quite a few financial favors from his soon-to-be ex.

Matt wants full custody of the couple's daughter, Wyatt, in addition to spousal support, and some Rachel-funded health and life insurance — nice work if you can get it!

Rachel is asking for primary custody, but no spousal support, so we're guessing that paycheck from her old pal Tiger is still paying the bills. 

Celebrity affairs: truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Source: TMZ