Credit: Amanda Bynes on Twitter; David Livingston/Getty Images Photo: Amanda Bynes and Drake

You're hot, then you're cold
You're yes, then you're no
you're in, then you're out
you're up, then you're down

We're not just quoting Katy Perry — we're razzing Amanda Bynes about her tumultuous (imaginary) relationship with rapper Drake.

First she crushes on him, tweeting in March — to our unmitigated horror and disgust — that she wants him to "murder her vagina." (Seriously — who says that?) Then she calls the guy ugly. Now she's taking it all back.

Why the flip-flopping opinion? Oh, it must be because "she's good, and she's healthy. She’s the same beautiful, funny, artistic, thoughtful person that she’s always been." That was what the other Drake in her life, former co-star Drake Bell, said in an interview last week.

Source: Amanda Bynes on Twitter