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We're incapable of turning down the chance to ogle and judge any list of sexy bachelors. YourTango indulged this need with a gallery of Hollywood's Sexiest Bachelors. You should check it out to read their descriptions, but here are their choices, in apparently no particular order (rank them amongst yourselves):

Ian Somerhalder


Adam Levine

Chris Pine

Bruno Mars

Alexander Skarsgard

Zac Efron

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Robert Pattinson

Aziz Ansari

James Franco

Damon Wayans, Jr.

Prince Harry


Ryan Seacrest

Can't say we're 100 percent down with all of those guys, but it's a good start. Who is missing, in your opinion? Some of these guys have girlfriends (like Prince Harry) so they could include more people in relationships, just not engaged/married. Henry Cavill qualifies. So does last year's Sexiest Man Alive, Bradley Cooper, and the guy many fans thought should be Sexiest Man Alive, Ryan Gosling. Other guys who should be here...? List them, if you feel like it!

Source: YourTango