Paris Jackson is not what you would call a Belieber.

Paris reportedly thinks Justin is a bad role model and is upset that he doesn't speak out against teenage girls cutting themselves, according to TMZ.

Paris resents that  after Justin's female fans recently started tweeting about cutting themselves to show their love for Justin  Justin did not say anything to discourage them or talk them out of it.

Paris  who is Michael Jackson's 15-year-old daughter  herself made headlines earlier this month when she took 20 Motrin and then cut herself with a knife in an apparent suicide attempt.

She also is said to dislike that photos were taken of Justin smoking weed in a hotel room in January, as she thinks Justin needs to be a better role model.

Plus, Paris lives in Justin's gated community in Calabasas and thinks that the way he behaves in the neighborhood is a "disgrace," sources say. This has led her to "hate" Justin, add the sources.

Is Paris a fan of Justin's? We're guessing the answer is: Baby, baby, baby, no.

Source: TMZ