British cousins Sophia Grace Brownlee, 10, and Rosie McClelland, 6, may have risen to fame on Ellen, but the two are about to cash in their success for a nice paycheck.

The two are known for singing and dancing, but they will be acting in their new venture. The two will be acting on a new Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat

Each tot will score $2,119.70 plus a $1,000 travel stipend, according to their minor's contracts which were filed with the court and obtained by TMZ.

The girls got their big break when Sophia Grace posted a video of herself singing on YouTube with Rosie. It happened to catch Ellen DeGeneres' attention and it's only been uphill for the two since then.

And let's get real, it beats selling lemonade on the side of the street!

Source: TMZ 

Credit: Sophia Grace on YouTube Photo: Sophia Grace Releases First Music Video "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun"