Girl Meets World has been ordered to series by Disney, so we can breathe a sigh of relief and start getting excited! Take these first-look photos: before the announcement, they would have made us anxious. But now that Girl Meets World is actually a show that we can watch, they make us impatient!

For those of you wondering what the new Matthews homestead looks like, it's definitely more modern than what we're used to seeing in the original series, which makes sense, since the Matthews family has apparently moved to New York — although we're hoping there will be some visits to Grandma's house for a walk down memory lane. It actually looks more like hip, motorcycle-riding English teacher Mr. Turner's pad than Cory's childhood home, for those of us dorks who remember (that single earring! That curly mullet!).

We also get a peek at both Riley and Maya's fashion sense (adorable!) and Riley's Clueless-esque locker decor.

Take a peek below, and let us know what you think!

Credit: Disney Channel Photo: Girl Meets World: Riley and Maya

Credit: Disney Channel Photo: Girl Meets World: Riley, Maya, Cory, and Topanga