Daytime TV is certainly not used to this level of raciness.

Corbin Bernsen spoke about his mother's death at the 2013 Daytime Emmy Awards over the weekend, during which point he dropped the F-bomb on the live telecast, according to Hollywood Life.

His mother, The Young and the Restless legend Jeanne Cooper, passed away on May 8 following an infection, and Corbin told the audience how she would feel about being featured on the "In Memorium" list at the ceremony. 

"Oh s**t, I’m on the 'In Memoriam' list!," Corbin said about how his mom would have reacted. 

"At least I made the f**king list!" he continued as his mom.

Corbin himself is a TV star, having risen to fame with the '80s drama L.A. Law. He currently stars on USA's hit show, Psych.

We think it's great that he's keeping his mother's spirit alive, but we're not sure if the network will appreciate his candor.

Source: Hollywood Life