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Allen Iverson wants to get a few things straight, none of which include the placement of his neck tattoos. 

He does, however, want to clear up some miscommunication about reports that he allegedly held his own kids hostage. The basketball star was accused by his ex-wife, Tawanna, of locking the kids up in an Atlanta hotel and refusing to give them back to their mother at the appointed time, according to TMZ.  

Tawanna and Allen presented their arguments in court and, we've got to say, her story doesn't hold a whole lot of weight. Tawanna admitted that she didn't pick up her kids because they were nearly an hour's drive from where she was and she wasn't in the mood to make the trip.

Allen added that his hotel room had an open-door policy for his ex, and that she was welcome to come get the kids whenever she wanted.

The judge trying the case ruled in Allen's favor, so the hoops star won't be serving any jail time for his weekend with the kids, who have been returned to their mother.

Next time, before everybody goes all crazy and starts calling things "kidnapping" and "hostage situations," let's get acquainted with a new concept that often involves parents, kids, and hotel rooms: vacation.

Source: TMZ