Miley Cyrus dropped her long-awaited, much-hyped music video for her latest single, "#WECANTSTOP," today, June 19. Naturally, we checked it out immediately. Naturally there are crazy images in the video. Here's an exhaustive list, but you can see for yourself in the video below.

  • She uses giant scissors to cut off an ankle monitor.
  • She puts in a grill and makes a stank face.
  • She maintains said stank-face as she combs her hair.
  • She sings with her face partially concealed under a bed skirt.
  • Some chick emits smoke from her hoo-ha.
  • Some dude eats a cash sandwich.
  • Someone makes a skull sculpture out of undercooked French fries.
  • Some guy has two tongues.
  • Miley spanks and is spanked.
  • Miley pulls chewing gum out of her teeth.
  • Some chick pretends like she's cutting her fingers, with pink goo flowing out as blood.
  • Miley dances with a giant stuffed teddy bear on her back.
  • Miley twerks with three other girls admiring her booty.
  • A taxidermy-stuffed deer wearing oversized sunglasses stares at its own reflection.
  • Miley then carries said stuffed deer.
  • Miley swims with a Barbie version of herself.
  • Miley then makes out with said Barbie.
  • Some bro emits smoke from his crotch.
  • Another guy sucks his thumb.
  • Some dude wipes his face with a slice of bread.
  • People fight over hot dogs on the floor.
  • Some guy kicks Miley in the head.
  • Miley kisses some guy's chest like it's her mother's cheek.
  • Miley sticks out her tongue about 17 times.

Source: YouTube

Credit: AlloyDigital Photo: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Movie Date! Still Engaged After Cheating Rumors!