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Just because you had an Arrested Development binge doesn't mean there's nothing left to look forward to on Netflix. 

The streaming service has renewed its supernatural drama Hemlock Grove for a second season, according to The Wrap. 

The show has hired Charles Eglee, whose past work includes stints on Dexter, The Shield, and The Walking Dead, as executive producer and showrunner, joining the show's current executive producer, gore-master Eli Roth.

Eli said of the audience's response to the show's first season, "The worldwide fan response to ‘Hemlock Grove’ was phenomenal… Netflix members loved the potent combination of sexy monsters, mystery, and the dark family soap opera that ended with a huge twist, leaving audiences worldwide totally shocked. Season 1 was just a warm up for what we have in store for Season 2. Get ready to be scared in ways you never expected."

The series, based on the book of the same name by Brian McGreevey, who co-developed the show with Lee Shipman, takes place in a small Pennsylvania town where violent murders keep occurring.

Brian told The Wrap he's particularly excited for Season 2 of the show, because, now that the characters are all established, and some plotlines have been developed, all bets are off. 

“[Viewers will] find that the characters of Roman and Peter are left at pretty decisive moments in their life, which will have a big impact on the men they’re becoming. And also, there’s a lot of freedom of creativity in exploring future storylines because we f***ing kill half the cast.”

Source: The Wrap