To be honest, we actually got pretty excited when we saw that Selena Gomez might have a new, non-Justin Bieber beau. A source had told Us Weekly that the former Disney songstress was hooking up with British heartthrob singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran! But a source tells E! News that the rumors are false: Ed and Selena "just friends."

The two are, however, total pals! They met through Taylor Swift, a best bud of Selena's.

Neither Selena or Ed's reps have commented on the alleged hookup.

As far as their love lives in general, though, we don't know a lot! Before Selena got back together with the Biebz for the last time (so far), she would make vague allusions to being "available" — and Ed's a pretty well-guarded celeb himself. When asked if he had a girlfriend earlier this year, he responded, "Even if I did have one, I wouldn't say anything anyway!"

"There's stuff that you want to go home to and have a little bit of an escape, and I think if I was to ever have one I wouldn't be mentioning her every five minutes in an interview," he added.

Both accounts — the hooking-up and the not-hooking-up — come from just "a source," so we're still holding out! Do you think they're hooking up? Maybe dating? Sound off below?