Credit: Twitter Photo: Meet Camden John Lachey

Vanessa Lachey and Nick Lachey welcomed their first child, son Camden, last September. Vanessa has a new show called Dads, and she talked about it — and Nick and Cam — on HuffPost Live. She also discussed eating some not-so healthy food when she was pregnant.

"I gained, I think, 65 pounds when I was pregnant," she revealed. She looks amazing now. How did she lose it all? 

Credit: Vanessa Lachey's Twitter. Photo: Vanessa Lachey Shows Off Smokin' Post-Baby Bod

Vanessa answered, "You know what, I will say to moms out there, 'Don't stress about losing it. It will happen when it happens.' I mean, Cam's 9 months, so it's been a minute, and we're working, and we're traveling, and it's just about maintaining a happy, healthy lifestyle, not obsessing about it. So I think that's one thing I would like to convey to moms everywhere. It's not about this 'get skinny quick' diet or these fads. Just enjoy time being a mom. You've just had this wonderful, magical moment, and you shouldn't be stressing about that kind of stuff."

Good advice. However, she did jokingly add one tip: "And Spanx are amazing. Thank you to the inventor of that."

Add another one to the Spanx list! Vanessa also said she and Nick are planning for more kids, but they don't know exactly when yet. They've talked before about the number of kids they want, so we'll have to see if they get their wish.

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