Beyoncé should try this one.

Miley Cyrus left a medical building in Beverly Hills earlier this week, and a bunch of paparazzi were waiting outside to ask why she was there. You can see the photogs, and Miley, in the video below. As Miley exits the building, a female voice calls out, "Miley, are you pregnant?" Miley's response: "No, I'm f--king sick, you b-tch."

Ha! Well, ask a rude question, expect a rude answer.

Miley's holding a piece of paper as she walks out the door. TMZ checked it out and it's a report showing she has laryngitis. As Miley tweeted on June 20, “Sick😷#iwantmymommy.” No one wants to do much but rest when they're sick, and it's definitely understandable for Miley to be irritated with all the flashing lights in her face, in addition to the pregnancy question. Besides, what was she supposed to say, even if it was true? “Yes, I’m pregnant! Breaking news right here as I walk out of the office!”

Anyway, get well soon, Miley!

Sources: TMZ, Fish Wrapper

Credit: MileyOnline com Photo: Watch Sick Miley Cyrus Blast Paparazzi For Asking If She's Pregnant (VIDEO)