Credit: Justin Bieber on Twitter Photo: Justin Bieber Meets With Fan Marisa Cox

Hold onto your tissues for this one, everybody!

Justin Bieber
, who always makes an effort to reach out to ailing fans, once again made a little girl’s dreams come true.

Before his concert in San Diego on Saturday, the "Baby" singer met with a young fan named Marisa Cox, who has Down Syndrome and recently underwent a life-saving kidney transplant.

Following his backstage get-together with Marisa — which included her giving Justin a kiss, the superstar tweeted a photo of the two of them, along with the note, "one of the best parts of the job. nice meeting you Marisa. stay strong for me!"

Marisa’s meeting with Justin came to fruition after her mom and a friend reached out to the local Fox news station and a couple of San Diego deejays, who were able to arrange the visit.

In the video of Marisa's story (below), her mom says that when Marisa is in the hospital or trying to recover, they will pop in Never Say Never and it makes her perk up and heal faster.

Warning: this is one adorable video.

Source: Gossip Cop 

Credit: Gossip Cop Photo: Justin Bieber Meets With Down Syndrome And Liver Transplant Girl Marisa Cox