Credit: Rihanna on Instagram Photo: Rihanna Blazing Up in Amsterdam

Rihanna — everyone's favorite bad girl — seems to be having an amazing time in Amsterdam.

Credit: Rihanna on Instagram Photo: Rihanna Smoking Marijuana in Amsterdam

In a city known for its lax laws, Red Light District, and open treatment of marijuana, the Barbadian songstress is letting loose and seems to not have a care in the world. In fact, with just a few Instagram photos, she's provided enough material for any potential nationwide campaign for the legalization of pot. Seriously, it's like she's on the lobbying committee or something!

The photos show Rihanna indulging in some GIGANTIC blunts in the pot-friendly city on Saturday. Check out all of the photos on the singer's Instagram account.

Rihanna is definitely living the "high" life, and she's justifying her actions, saying "I'm just a girl... #Amsterdam" and begging people to "#legalizeit." 

What do you think about Rihanna's drug-filled trip to Amsterdam? Do you support her activities or should she not be so public? Sound off below!

Source: Rihanna on Instagram