Can you still be one of the world's hottest gingers without the ginger hair?

Homeland star Damian Lewis was spotted out and about in Scotland on June 24, showing zero hair on his head.

See a photo here.

According to People, he shaved his red hair for a role in The Silent Storm.

Hotness questions aside (for the record, always hot), what does this mean for Homeland? Season 3 is now filming in North Carolina, with Damian returning as Nick Brody, who is currently the source of a global manhunt. Did Nick also shave his head to help him hide? If not, will Damian be wearing a wig or … is he done filming for the season?

Guess we'll find out when Homeland Season 3 starts September 29 at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

Sources: People, The Global Dispatch