Now that Kate Middleton has become a royal mommy, she has the task of selecting a new set of baby minders — the Godparents.  It's just one of the many decisions the royal family doesn't take lightly.

Seriously, Godparents are a huge deal for the royal family. In fact, royal babies usually have 5 or 6 godparents — although the Prince of Wales had 8!

"Theoretically, the Godparents have to look after the child if anything were to happen to both parents, but that’s very rare and unlikely," royal expert Phil Dampier told Yahoo! Shine.

"I would be amazed if Pippa and Harry aren’t named," Dampier continued. "However, it’s likely that Will and Kate will decide to name six or seven godparents, striking a balance between older and younger friends and relations, male and female, and are likely to hold off on asking some friends now so they can approach the rest for their future children."

Contenders for the role for William and Kate’s baby are expected to include a few obvious choices: the baby’s uncles, Prince Harry and James Middleton, as well as aunt Pippa Middleton. Harry and Pippa are expected because of their sibling status as well as their appointments to best man and maid of honor for William and Kate.

Other obvious choices include close friends of the couple, such as William’s old school friend Thomas van Straubenzee or maybe even one of the van Cutsem brothers.

While the younger choices are a bit more obvious, Godparents often also have close historic ties to the Royal Family. William’s godparents included Lord Romsey, ex-King Constantine of Greece and the Queen’s lady in waiting, Lady Susan Hussey. We’re admittedly a bit more blurry on who the established, royal nominees for Godparents.

"Ultimately the same factors come in to play as they would for anybody picking godparents — trust, loyalty, dependability," CNN’s royal contributor Victoria Arbiter Brown told Yahoo! Shine.  

"The royals just tend to have a lot of godparents. This child is the future heir to the throne so the couple will also want to choose people who can offer guidance, counsel, support, knowledge and wisdom. Godparents are not just figureheads," Victoria continued.

"They play an important role and given the future this child has in store William in particular will want to make sure he or she are surrounded by people who understand and respect the position."

Source: Yahoo! Shine