Credit: Tumblr

Bow down... babies. Blue Ivy Carter is officially the new queen of the tots. And this toddler ain’t wearin’ no tiara! Beyonce posted some adorable new pictures on her Tumblr of her first-born. One features the little girl wearing a miniature purple crown that looks like a replica of the crown jewels of England.

Credit: Tumblr

It’s no surprise that BIC should reign supreme. Her mother did just hit No. 4 on the Forbes list of Top 100 celebrities (while her pops made No. 32).

And with those riches come a kickass wardrobe. Queen Bey also posted an adorable pic of her foot attempting to fit into Blue Ivy’s pink, lace-up heels and a tan toddler party dress.

Official pictures of Blue Ivy are rare. Beyonce didn’t show her daughter to the public until her HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream, which aired on February 16, more than a year after BIC was born.

In an endearing mother/daughter moment, Bey also posted a pic of herself wearing a gorgeous red gown and bending over her daughter’s stroller grinning as Blue Ivy tapped her on the nose.

Credit: Tumblr

We’ll pause long enough for you to get all of the “awwwws” out.

We love that Bey tries to her her daughter out of the public eye and rarely releases photos of the tot. It makes the ones she shares all the more special!

Do you think Blue Ivy will end up ruling the world like her mom? Tell us below!

Source: Beyonce’s Tumblr