Photographers, beware. Justin Bieber is not the easiest model for portraits.

TMZ has obtained scans of Justin's photo shoot rider — the contract that photographers have to sign before the Biebs graces their studios with his, ahem, divine presence.

Some of the demands are kooky but mundane: He wants herbal tea, deli meats, veggies, Swedish Fish, and Ritz Bits (in both cheese and peanut butter varieties). He also wants a boom box with a connector for his iPhone 5.

But, dammit, Justin Bieber better not hear any freakin' Selena Gomez music — the rider outlaws it! Apparently he's either not a fan of his ex's songs or he doesn't want to be reminded.

And, even more obnoxiously, the photographer can't even talk directly to J.B.

We gotta wonder, how exactly does that work?

"Scooter, please tell Justin to move his head a little to the right... Scooter, please tell Justin to stop making that duckface... Scooter, please tell Justin to put his shirt back on..."

Source: TMZ

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