Credit: Austin Mahone on Instagram Photo: Austin Mahone Takes Us to the Gun Show

Taylor Swift is really good about introducing her friends to cute guys.

Selena Gomez, recently split from Justin Bieber, was linked-then-unlinked to Tay's touring buddy Ed Sheeran, and now she's been spotted at Disneyland with another one of Tay's tour partners, Austin Mahone.

As with Ed, it looks like this is just a friendship pairing, not a new romance. Austin, a 17-year-old rising pop star ("What About Love," "Say Something'") was with Selena and some of her female friends on June 26 at Disneyland. People has a blurry photo of the group.

"Austin is on tour with Taylor through the summer, so he met Selena through Taylor," a source told People. "They're all friends and are just hanging out having fun."

We believe it! And yet, Selena, 20, is fresh out of a relationship with 19-year-old Justin Bieber, who is known for sharing shirtless photos of his fit torso … like this one Austin shared of his own bod a few weeks ago. Austin (who currently has more than 3 million Twitter followers) may be too young for Selena now, but she felt that way about JB once too.

Source: People

Credit: Instagram Photo: Shirtless Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez