As Dexter's Season 8 draws to a close, so does the entire series. It's a bittersweet feeling. On one hand, the writers have known about the show's demise for a good long while, which has given them plenty of time to throw together a juicy ending to the bloody Showtime hit. On the other, we just want the series to keep going forever!

Showrunner Scott Buck promises the ending will be satisfying; he says that it will include “a lot of wish fulfillment,” and that “it feels like the exact ending we should be doing [...] [the ending] should absolutely make sense to everybody watching it.” Which is nice. But that doesn't tell us anything!

Wetpaint's editors have weighed in on what we think will happen! Take a look at our ideas, and let us know if you agree.

Options 1 and 2: It's All About Deb

I think it will end one of two ways: either with Deb correcting the mistake she made in that freight container and putting Dex down, or with Deb spiraling all the way to crazy town and Dex making it look like she was the Bay Harbor Butcher all along. Also, if Angel and/or Masuka don’t cop to the fact that Dexter is obvs a serial killer, they both need to be fired forever. I mean COME ON, you guys are supposed to be good at finding murderers and you have a bowling night with one every Tuesday.

Amber Garrett

Option 3: The Barbershop Mirror


I hope Dexter gets tortured and killed by another serial killer who kills serial killers, like an ultraviolent barbershop mirror.

— Sarah Anne Lloyd

Option 4: The Hannibal Lecter Tropical Getaway

I'm picturing a Hannibal Lecter-on-a-tropical-island-calling-Deb kind of situation  if Deb's still alive at the end.

— Chako Suzuki

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