Rihanna may be bad, but she's perfectly good at it — and a sexy new pic from her Instagram is definitive proof of her daring ways.

The sexy singer, known for her risky choices, like trying out super-short hairdos and dating Chris Brown, proved she's fashion's favorite rebelle fleur yet again by nearly baring it all in a shirt that leaves little to the imagination. 

In the pic, RiRi's decked out in an all-white ensemble, with cut-out lace pants, a sheer, white button-down, and plenty of gold accessories.

Her hair, now a slightly more natural shade, is back to an auburn hue, with her mouth painted the fire engine red her locks used to be. 

While it looks suspiciously like she's totally topless under the shirt (not that it would surprise us, given some of her past looks), upon further inspection, she's actually got a bra on, much to the disappointment of internet creepers everywhere.

Credit: Instagram

What do you think of Rihanna's all-white look?

Source: Instagram