Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence, two of the hottest women in the world, just happened to bump into each other in Paris.

So now might be a good time to fly over to The City of Light to see if you too can get that lucky at Paris Fashion Week.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence meet in Paris

RiRi shared her Katniss meeting in this Instagram photo, writing/bragging, "Bumped into the extraordinary Jennifer Lawrence at dinner! #Paris."

She looks like such a fangirl in this photo, it's cute. We'd be that happy too!

According to Zap2it, their dinner rendezvous happened at a restaurant called L'Avenue. Jen is the face of Dior, so she took some time off from shooting X-Men: Days of Future Past in Montreal to join Paris Fashion Week events.

Maybe we should all Photoshop ourselves into this photo so we can pretend we were there too. There's room to the right. Just sayin'!

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